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Enrica Torre opened her first antique store in Genoa in 1992, after having a personal interest in antiques since she was young.  Enrica then opened two more stores, in Genoa.

In 2003, her son Andrea joined the family business full-time, and in the process, expanded it into new markets.

Enrica Torre Antiques & Design has dealt with the purchase of antiques  to include: paintings, sculptures, mid-century and design for over twenty-five years, satisfying Genoa’s families and international customers with expertise and fairness in buying and selling.

We pride ourselves in putting a lot of effort into researching, evaluating and restoring ancient pieces of furniture or simply vintage.

We are always in search of quality antiques in Genoa, Liguria, Piedmont, and in the province of Milan.
We restore pieces using the collaboration of restorers, decorators, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, carvers and artisans.

From floor to railings, from sinks to furniture, to lighting, through armchairs, sofas, sofas, garden furnishings, gazebos, doors and doors, adapting to the needs and tastes of today.

Our mission is to retrieve existing furnishings and “pieces” of excellent quality. Built in times where you could afford valuable materials and skilled workmanship at a low cost.

Today, it is certainly more beneficial to retrieve, although often having the same quality standards, commissioning the artisanal production of new items of the same type.

Enrica Torre Antiquity & Design has a wealth of experience in antiques, furniture and antique furniture.

Our shop in located within the historical square of Genoa, which is one of the most important in the antique industry.

Whether you are architects, decorators, entrepreneurs, or simple owners, if you have an idea of furniture that recalls warm and pleasant, simple but elegant atmospheres or if you love the old furniture and the elements that are restored with quality today is rare (and with prices that will excite you), contact us!

We will be happy to make you feel the atmosphere that our designs and antiques convey.

Ours is a world of passionate enthusiasts. Because the antique furniture, the piece of design and everything we handle are small pieces of history. Art history. But also the history of society.

They are objects that capture the gaze but even more thought: when we reflect on how and why certain styles or certain technical solutions were born, when we “perceive” the crafty hand of the craftsman who shaped a piece that is the only fruit of a lost time.

The Italian and international market for antiques and modernity is extremely varied and constantly evolving.

The great international fairs and modern communication technologies allow us to understand better day by day:

  • trends,
  • the evolution of taste in new generations of buyers,
  • geographical differences in demand in relation to product types, epochs and areas of origin.

Thanks also to this, we can always offer the right products at the right prices and best satisfy our customers.

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