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Enrica Torre, Antiques & Design trades in antiques, antique furniture and antiques in general. But what exactly are antiquities?
The prestigious encyclopaedia Treccani offers us a splendid definition of the term antiquity:
The term means, in its vast and common meaning, the collection and trade of ancient objects, from paintings to sculptures, from decorative arts to books.
 Inspired by changes in taste, fashion and culture, antiques today invest an ever-expanding landscape of the arts. From the official and acclaimed masterpieces to the functional ornament, the tout-court antique and the bric-à-brac of the antique markets and fairs, with glaring styles and historical periods in the backstroke What was considered obsolete.
 Recuperations sometimes ephemeral, sometimes permanent, in the light of the fundamental factor that is the market, and according to a well-defined distinction in France that clearly distinguishes the high antiques from the so-called rigged and the antiquaire by the brocanteur. “
“However,” continues Treccani, “to better understand the complex and disparate features that characterize antiquity, to evolve the changes and developments that have arisen in our time, reflecting the social and political temperament, personal inclinations, idiosyncrasies , Of occasional occasions and momentary infatuations – it can not be ruled out that the antique is closely linked to collecting, to the point of making it the back of the coin.
 The implications and history of those who supplied the collectors or who were also collectors and merchants at the same time, without foreclosure of epochs and styles “(

Five oil-painted panels on the table, with molded frames, early in the ‘900.

Enrica Torre Antiques & Design seeks and buys, with immediate payment and maximum ratings, the following articles:

• Antique furniture;
• Living rooms;
• Bedrooms;
• Dining rooms;
• Studies;
• Gilded console;
• Marble;
• Large chandeliers;
• Glass objects;
• Bronze objects;

• Antiques;
• Vintage shops;
• Paintings of the ‘600’ 700 ‘800’ 900;
• Sculptures;
• Watches;
• Autos and carillon;
• Pottery and pottery;
• Chinese art;
• Inlaid furniture;
• Collections.

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